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CAVWAY is all about being able to manipulate everything the vehicle sees and hears around it. What the vehicle hears is more important than ever in the age of the connected car. With the adoption of HXG’s private mobile network at CAVWAY, we are able to help promote further road safety enhancements and traffic management technology for smart cities and connected vehicles. Together with HXG, we can really deliver something special for the future.

David Price
Innovation Manager

CAVWAY Proving Ground: Connectivity Network 4G LTE – 5G NR


CAVWAY is a new connected & automated vehicle proving ground currently under construction near Oxford, in the UK. This facility will provide fully customisable connectivity in all its various guises. HXG has set up a private mobile network here with C-V2X, 4G/5G coverage, integrated with a set of Roadside Units for V2X messaging, all fully configurable.

These connectivity capabilities will facilitate seamless integration between real-world, experimental and virtual development work.

This makes it possible to simulate the behaviour of vehicles under multiple complex scenarios and use cases, allowing concept testing, certification and homologation of new CAV technologies.

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Network slicing with Quality of Service (QoS) control
Edge computing
Enhanced security
Mission-critical voice, data, and video services
Ultra-reliability and low latency
Enhanced mobile broadband speed and increased capacity
Off site roaming across global networks for uninterrupted connectivity
Granular resource management and prioritisation
Bonding multi-site, multi-country sites into a networked single campus
We are working with existing mobile operators in a number of markets to extend LTE/5G access to deliver shadow networks for private campus coverage.

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First cloud architecture
Optimized for Plug-N-Play installation
Increased workforce productivity
Increased flexibility
More secure operations
Self-organizing network
Machine learning for app intelligence
Positive revenue impact

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Remote Monitoring and Control
With its higher bandwidth and lower latency, 5G can be used to transmit high resolution videos and inputs that are vital for real-time monitoring and enhanced control of critical manufacturing operations.

For example, for quality control using machine vision, a high resolution, low-latency video feed enabled by 5G and edge computing can help industrial organizations detect faults faster and more accurately.
Autonomous Robots and Machinery
5G can greatly enhance the range of operation of autonomous robots and vehicles while exceeding the service levels offered by existing connectivity technologies such as WiFi. Use cases that leverage 5G’s features of mobility, Quality of Service, and low latency to run autonomous robots and machinery on the factory floor.

For example a plant, that is equipped with a private 5G network, traditional assembly lines can be replaced with driverless transport systems/AGVs that increase the overall flexibility of the production process.
Connected Worker
5G helps augment human operators in industrial environments in a variety of ways. One such area of application is with AR/VR. For a truly immersive AR/VR experience that provides high quality two-way communication and accurate control, a high bandwidth connection is critical.

5G helps with reducing end-to-end latency and provides a stable, high-bandwidth connection that opens up a number of remote collaboration opportunities using AR/VR in the areas of design, production, maintenance and customer service. AR/VR applications enabled by 5G can be used to provide remote expertise and assistance, conduct remote virtual inspections, design reviews and virtual site visits.
5G offers industrial organizations the ability to tailor Quality of Service based on the needs of industrial applications using dedicated network slices. This ensures that critical communications, for instance, can be insulated from the load on the larger network.

5G can also provide organizations with dedicated channels of communication for their supply chain partners to ensure data security and privacy.

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