MoreMins Partners With HXG To Become MVNO


Founded in 2015, HXG (Hanhaa XG)  is a Mobile Network Operator that provides LTE/5G based Private networks and IoT connection solutions. Combining its mobile network, proprietary hardware and services platform with product development talent, HXG is at the forefront of global connectivity solutions. 

MoreMins is a UK-based telecoms company providing low-cost international calling services. The company has developed an innovative mobile app that allows you to make calls without an internet connection. The MoreMins app has more than 75,000 customers in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and other EU countries.

HXG has helped us to become a fully digital eSIM based mobile operator. Users of MoreMins app will be able to digitally subscribe to all mobile telecommunication services (mobile data, calls, SMS, international phone numbers) globally and manage them online via personalized mobile app. eSIM profile will be securely transmitted via MoreMins app directly to eSIM chip.
Andrius Butvilas
CEO & Founder

HXG will be providing MoreMins the opportunity to become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). To do this, MoreMins will receive a slice of HXG’s new mobile core giving them much of the functionality they would get from owning their own mobile core but without the hassle of maintaining it.

Through HXG, MoreMins will be able to offer their customers packages of mobile data and manage these through HXG’s portal system. Customers will be able to download eSIM profiles directly to their smartphones using MoreMins app

HXG will be providing these services to MoreMins with wholesale data rates, with the ability for them to bring on their own mobile roaming agreements.

As the mobile landscape has evolved, there are now opportunities for companies such as MoreMins to engage with the 4/5G cellular ecosystem. One of those capabilities is the owning of connectivity. In the past, you really had to be a telco to own it but now the signalling, the hosting, the billing, all that power is being pushed out to discrete services. We are ecstatic to see MoreMins assume a lot of the powers that were traditionally with the mobile operator only.
Azhar Hussain
CEO & Founder
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