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EMPOWERING Your Business


HXG EMPOWER is our Cloud Core system to allow our users full control, signalling and routing of their own services. In effect, the user becomes a virtual mobile operator with total control of their roaming partners.

HXG EMPOWER also acts as a foundation service linking HXG CONNECT, for connectivity management, and HXG SERVE for private LTE/5G services.

Interconnect with leading global roaming hubs
Support extended services for private 5G services
The ability to change IR13, IR14 and IR21 connections for your own peer to peer relationships with other MNOs
Dedicated APN
VPN access from HXG GRX/IPX service directly into your cloud service
Local packet gateways available across the world for rapid offloading of user payloads to your own application server
Total control of your users
API access to Core functions
Private 5G / Public 4g

Private / Public Roaming

A fully managed Core supporting 4G/5G NSA, using our data allowing the ability for devices to dynamically roam between public networks and the HXG 5G network.

HXG provides organisations with the opportunity to obtain mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) like capabilities.

HXG has helped us to become a fully digital eSIM based mobile operator. Users of MoreMins app will be able to digitally subscribe to all mobile telecommunication services (mobile data, calls, SMS, international phone numbers) globally and manage them online via personalized mobile app. eSIM profile will be securely transmitted via MoreMins app directly to eSIM chip.

Andrius Butvilas
CEO & Founder
Case Study

MoreMins Partners With HXG To Become MVNO

HXG is providing MoreMins the opportunity to become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). To do this HXG is giving MoreMins a slice of our new mobile core giving them much of the functionality they would get from owning their own mobile core but without the hassle of maintaining it.
HXG is also providing MoreMins with wholesale data rates with the ability for them to bring on their own mobile roaming agreements.
Web Portal

Online Platform

Through HXG, companies are able to offer their customer’s packages of mobile data and manage these through HXG’s portal system. Customers are then able to download SIM cards directly to their mobiles using eUICC technology. 

Access to a complete platform to control services for IoT and consumers.

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